To become the first choice of all buyers of Workwear and Uniforms.

Our Story

Movata Fashion came into existence in the year 2019.
Essentially targeted at the domestic retail segment,
we moved to Corporate Workwear and Uniforms.
We are primarily manufacturers of all categories of
casual and formal apparel.


Our products come with the highest quality
standards, which is the most important aspect all our
customers expect from us. We understand that each
customer needs to individualize the uniform to suit
their requirement. Therefore we not only provide the
extra ordinary garment, but also the very unusual.


“MOVATA FASHION’s vision is to be the best and not necessarily the biggest in Workwear and Uniforms clothing while maximizing customer satisfaction and promoting ethical business practices.
To become the first choice of all buyers of Workwear and Uniforms.

To create connections with customers across industries through inspiring product design, excellent value addition and fantastic pricing.”


“MOVATA FASHION will provide the timely delivery of Workwear and Uniforms whose performance and appearance are in accordance with our tradition of strict quality protocols and high manufacturing standards.”


MOVATA FASHION being a quality driven business,
lays massive emphasis on the quality of our garments.
There are processes laid out at all stages of production
to ensure high standards in quality.

A lot of emphasis is laid on the designs, colour and  strength of garments. We ensure that the fabric is of the finest qualityand so are the other inputs. Design is as
important as quality is significant.

All our garments are subject to in-house tests for multiple times. Our garments are made to high quality standards with proper dimensional stability, colour fastness, shrinkage control and uniform dyeing.